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Bassist @scottandrew tries to slip RUSH licks in but my Rushdar is strong.

We’re releasing our brand-new TITANFALL song, “Your Titan Is Ready” tomorrow for all Kirby Krackle Music Fan Club Patreon members!

Find out more on how to join for as little as $4 a month and receive 2-songs a month when you do! As reward tiers go up, nerd-rock swag goes up too! 

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Excited to have you aboard! 


I’m excited to get back to Portland this Friday, March 7th for an acoustic show with Kid Apocalypse at Cosmic Monkey Comics!

$5 at the door, and all-ages nerd-rocking gets started at 7:00pm.


We released a new single this week!

Our cover of “Everything Is Awesome!” from LEGO: The Movie is out now for a limited time FREE download at https://kirbykrackle.bandcamp.com.

Enjoy Krackleheads, and as always thank you for being such amazing fans! 


Album art by Dean Trippe.

An Open Letter To Nerd-Music.

An Open Letter To Nerd-Music:

I’ve said this many times before, and I’ll say it forever; nerd-music can be enormously bigger than it is, but everyone has to start working together. More importantly and what I feel is the bigger issue…everyone has to want to if we’re going to see any lasting change in what nerd-music has the potential to be.

All nerd-music comes from the same passionate place but recently I’ve been noticing a shift that’s been putting a bad taste in my mouth, and one I want to eradicate from the genre Kirby Krackle helped form five-years ago.  Too many folks are grinding way too hard separately, and I’m putting out the challenge for all of us to find a new way to work smarter. Together. The only true enemy this genre formed out of love and joy has is ourselves; our fear in what happens if we don’t look out for #1 first and foremost. There’s more than enough room for all who choose to take a seat at the table of success if you’re willing to work for it no matter how long you’ve been in the game, and only once we realize that will the real change I think we all are wanting manifest itself.

That said, I’m putting out a public challenge all of us musicians that define ourselves as “nerd music”, and holding myself just as accountable: It’s time to reexamine the greater goals of the movement, and change the default mind-set from, “what can I get from you to get to the next level?” to “how can we lift each other up?”…

Whether you’ve just finished a hugely successful Kickstarter (Great job, The Doubleclicks!) or just formed your Dr. Who band yesterday (good on you guys!), it’s time for a change in how we all do things. 

I’m challenging Jonathan Coulton, Wil Wheaton, H2Awesome, The Doubleclicks, Nerd With Guitars, Paul And Storm, The Thundering Asteroids, Amanda Palmer, Adam Warrock, Beefy, Sci-Fried, Brent Black, Tribe One, Schaffer The Darklord, Debs & Errol Death*Star, Molly Lewis, Kid Apocalypse and the tens of other extremely talented nerd-music groups to strip away old ways of thinking that individual success in fractioned camps is better than nurturing the tidal-wave of nerd-music talent building stronger everyday ready to be unleashed upon the masses. As the one calling this out, I too realize that I need to hold myself ever increasingly to this standard and I’m looking forward it.

So it’s time for a change friends, and I encourage more discussion moving forward. I don’t have all the answers, but what I do know is what is happening now isn’t working, and I’m pretty damn tired of waiting around for someone to say it. And I’ll be honest…the pessimist in me can see this rallying cry lasting a few days, then the sound of the trumpets dying off to leave us where we currently are. Share this this with your friends. Pass this along to people it might get excited. Pass this to people it might piss off. It’s time to shake things up, and I care too much not to say it.

I believe the potential of the nerd-music genre is limitless. I know we’re better than we currently are.

Let’s start kicking ass. Together.



I’m excited to come back to PDX for an all-ages acoustic show at Cosmic Monkey Comics! All there details are HERE on an open invite FB event you can share with your friends…Mr. Rogers says it’s a good thing!


Did you miss us Tumblr? We’ll never leave you again baby, we promise…

We’re firing up the blog again with an inferno of nerd-rock happenings from Seattle! 

Do you have your tickets to KRACKLEFEST 4 yet for March 28th, at Hard Rock Cafe Emerald City Comic Con weekend? Yep, The Doublelclicks, Death*Star, and Mark Blasco are rounding out this year’s bill with a new feature of burlesque by Ms. Fever Blister and Eddie Van Glam!

Tickets Here! 


The Official show poster for our opening slot on 4/26/13 for Weird Al Yankovic in Vancouver! Jeremy Haun knocked this one out of the park! 


The Journey Towards Album #4!


Hey Krackleheads! 

Kyle here with a new blog post to let everyone know what’s been happening in the world of KK, where we’re going, and where you can find us in 2013 these next couple of months. 

First off…we’re headed into the studio to record album #4!

Yep, since January the band and I have been hard at work demoing new songs, throwing around ideas, and reaching into the depths of our twisted minds to bring you the best KK album yet. We’ve almost got the full track listing, and should any day now as we have our studio dates booked for the beginning of May with a release in July. Crunch time!

Without giving too much away, this album will be a big step for us into some new stylings while still slinging the nerd-rock we’ve made our name on. There’s a lot of rock on this new record, a la what we did on E For Eveyone.

It’s gonna be so much fun to record, and as usual we have a few surprise guests. We’re having to sew our mouths shut till then…

Emerald City Comic Con was a blast and a big thank you to everyone who came out to KRACKLEFEST 3 to rock with us, The Doubleclicks, Nerds With Guitars, and Paul And Storm. It was truly the best KRACKLEFEST yet, and that as always is hugely in part to do with the fans. You guys make everything so fun, and everything we do is with you in mind and whether it will make you smile. Truly, you are our barometer for everything we do.

Thank you!

Check out the two videos from KRACKLEFEST below; an All-Star jam at the end of “Bohemian Rhapsody” and the debut of a new song, “Cozy Pants O’Clock”!

In a few weeks we’re heading to Vancouver Expo with the full band to rock the Railway Club with The Doubleclicks, and Brentalfloss! It’s an early show, all-ages, and we hope to see you there!

Let me ask you a question…Remember when you were 13, rocking your Weird Al Yankovic cassettes, and then your future self from 20 years ahead came back and told you to stop eating Squeeze-Pops and get practicing cause someday you’d be opening for Weird Al in Calgary


Well it turns out he wasn’t full of crap because on April 26th, 2013 we’ll be at Calgary Expo rocking a 5000 seat arena for the first time and opening for the master of satire, Weird Al Yankovic. I can’t tell you how excited we have been for this for months now, and look forward to making the most of our 45-minutes while we have it. It almost seems like it isn’t real yet, but I’m sure the reality will kick in when we get there for soundcheck.

*lump in throat*


Seriously though, this is rock n’ roll dream stuff and we’re going to make sure we represent all who are part of the building wave that is nerd-rock. For those of you attending Calgary Expo, we hope you come join us on this important night in KK history for a show to remember!

More and more nerd-music artists are coming up everyday, and when you look at the fact that when we started KK 5 years ago there were only enough of us to count on one hand, then that is unbelievably cool…

Speaking of doing this for 5 years, how did that go by so fast? That’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves for a few months now…time is flying and hopefully we’re building a discography that is representive of how much fun we are having doing it and how thankful we are to have fans like yourself.

As we move into the new album and next 5 years of KK, we’re taking time to reflect and reinvent as we go. All the best bands in rock have done that, and we try to learn from the teachers as best we can.

There are more than a few surprises we have up our sleeves for you in the next few months, and we can share them the gods of nerd-rock will shine down on us all!

*insert dramatic music*

Hope everyone is awesome, and as always we’d love to hear from you the KK fan anytime you like at kirbykracklemusic@gmail.com

Be good, talk soon, and see you on the twitters!



Here it is - we are officially unveiling the cover to our third album, Super Powered Love! Once again, the illustration was done by our long-time KK art collaborator Jim Mahfood!

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